Port Kembla Stack Demolition

On Thursday 20th of February 2014 large crowds gathered to watch the Port Kembla copper stack demolition. The stack was built in 1965 to remove fumes from the copper smelting plant but the decision to demolish was made in 2003 after operations at the plant ceased.

The structure was 200 meters high and contained over 9000 tonnes of concrete and over 500 tonnes of steel reinforcement. Due to the size, the company opted to use explosive demolition to safely dismantle the stack. There were many community concerns about the demolition process including the presence of asbestos materials, vibration and dust that may be generated by the works. All issues were resolved or controlled by the company prior to the demolition and the works were conducted under heavy scrutiny by WorkCover NSW.

Footage of the spectacular fall can be viewed here


It is important that you choose a licenced and reputable demolition company for any demolition project. Abyss Demolition is experienced in complex demolition projects including industrial demolition, commercial demolition and mine site demolition. Our team can help you foresee any issues that may arise and work with you to create innovative, safe and efficient solutions. We are licenced for unrestricted demolition and fully licenced to conduct both non-friable asbestos removal and friable asbestos removal. For more information on how we can assist you with your next project, contact us on (07) 3341 9400 or via our website www.abyssdemolition.com.au

Different project services offered by Abyss Demolition

Demolition projects can cover a wide range of industries. From mining demolition and plant decommissioning to asbestos removal and commercial demolition, it is important to choose a firm who can help with all of your needs. Abyss Demolition is a Queensland based company offering the flexibility and experience to get the job done right in a wide range of areas, including:

Mining Projects

Mining is a big industry for Queensland, with north Queensland well known for its flourishing mines both large and small. Demolition in this industry is quite common and it is important to employ professional and skilled workers to complete a demolition project in a safe and efficient manner in the mining sector. This is where Abyss Demolition comes in. They have mine inducted staff who are able to work in remote areas as necessary to complete the projects.

Industrial Projects

In the industrial sector, demolition projects are often unique from one case to the next. Abyss Demolition understand that creative and innovative solutions must be applied to achieve the desired results. Their highly skilled staff can provide safe and efficient demolition services that fulfil these requirements. Some of the projects they can offer include the decommissioning of a plant demolition or the demolition of items that are close to or attached to items to remain and working within facilities that must remain functioning.

Commercial Projects

With extensive experience working in a commercial setting, Abyss Demolition has the skills and expertise to develop and implement a demolition method and program to suit your project. Abyss Demolition will go above and beyond the call of duty, including liaising with several trades throughout the program, working after hours to ensure there is minimal impact on client’s business and performing the works to strict deadlines.

Demolition – not just about making a mess!

Whether it’s taking down an old building, demolishing a dangerous structure or removing debris, demolition is messy business. It takes big machines to do big jobs and the result is often a debris laden site. However, demolition is also about leaving a space clear for future work. And while many may only think about the destructive part, there is another side to demolition work. Continue reading “Demolition – not just about making a mess!” »

10 Biggest Demolition Projects in the World

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Eco-friendly demolition services – the importance of looking after our environment

Demolition projects are known for being messy. They are all about destroying something in the most efficient and affordable way. This kind of destruction can greatly damage the environment in the vicinity and beyond, impacting on local flora and fauna. However, even though a demolition project may result in a large mess, it doesn’t mean it has to harm the land. Instead, with the right tools and clean-up process, a demolition job can be completed without harming a thing. Continue reading “Eco-friendly demolition services – the importance of looking after our environment” »

Soil remediation – what is it and why it should be done

In the world of asbestos removal and demolition services, soil remediation is a very important factor. While many think of a structure and the environment when trying to rectify a contaminated site, it is easy forget about the ground beneath it. However, the soil on a site can be contaminated by toxic substances which can have detrimental effects if not removed correctly. Continue reading “Soil remediation – what is it and why it should be done” »

The importance of hiring an OHS Management System accredited demolition company

Occupational health and safety is important in any industry. This is even more important in the demolition sector, where precautionary measures are essential when using heavy machinery and working around dangerous equipment. Abyss Demolition, a national firm, are OHS Management System accredited, holding an A Class business licence for more than three years. Continue reading “The importance of hiring an OHS Management System accredited demolition company” »

Four unusual types of demolition

Demolition isn’t all about old homes and company buildings. There are many other kinds of demolition projects companies like Abyss Demolition work on. Here are just four:

  1. Mines
    Although mining is currently a booming industry in Australia, sometimes older, unprofitable or dangerous mines require removal. Continue reading “Four unusual types of demolition” »

The demolition process – what you need to do

If you choose to proceed with the demolition of a structure, there are a number of steps you must take before the company can come in. With Abyss Demolition, a Queensland based asbestos removal and demolition company, there five things you must do prior to demolition. These include: Continue reading “The demolition process – what you need to do” »

The importance of professional help when removing hazardous materials from the work site

Buildings often contain hazardous materials. When hiring a builder to renovate a building they may not have the expertise, workplace health and safety business licences and qualifications or the required public liability insurance to remove it in a safe and efficient manner. Hiring a professional to dispose of hazardous materials is vital to a safe work site, saving you time and money. Continue reading “The importance of professional help when removing hazardous materials from the work site” »